Connecting to City Resources Remotely

Things looking different?
This page displays different content depending on whether or not you are connected to the City network!

This page provides City of Burnaby staff with information about IT resources available outside the City network and how authorized users can remotely connect to the City network.

Before you can access these online resources, ensure you have set up your Google Authenticator Token and PIN while you are still in the office. For assistance, please contact the IT Helpdesk.


Access your City email and calendar

Login Here


Launch the platform that provides access to the City's Learning Management System

Login Here

Staff Portal

View your earnings statements and other useful resources

Login Here


Option 1
Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Connect to your City PC from your home computer using VDI

Option 2
Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Connect to the City network remotely using a City laptop
Google Authenticator Token